No Start Checklist

TooManyAudis at TooManyAudis at
Sun Jul 23 12:28:43 EDT 2006

Hi guys,
My 200q is having some problems.
Normally, the engine has been the one ultra-reliable component of this car  
(currently suffering from failing throwout bearing).  My  200q died as it 
pulled into my driveway last week (during a test  drive, no less), and has not 
started back up since.
I was under the mistaken impression that my hornet's nest fuel pump finally  
gave up the ghost, since I did not hear it running as I turned the key.   $30 
and the installation of a used pump later, I realize that the pump most  
likely didn't run because the fuel system was still pressurized.  Cracked  the line 
on the fuel rail and there seems to be plenty of pressure, but still no  
start.  Oh well.
So, that most likely means that the car is indeed getting fuel (unless I  
should be thinking some kind of pressure regulator?).
As to air, well, I am assuming that is ok, with the exception of a major  
vacuum leak.  Checked the michelan man hose and the hose leading from the  
intercooler to the intake manifold.  both looked ok, and could not locate  any 
damaged hoses, although you may have suggestions where to look.
Next thought: Timing belt.  pulled back cover and all seemed ok.
Next thought was that the distributor gear gave out.  Took the cap  off, and 
checked the rotor.  no more play than usual and, the rotor turned  when the 
engine cranked.  But, Damn what a bitch getting that thing back  on.  You need 
the hands of a three year old girl and the strength of a  gorilla to get those 
clips back on.
So, how bout some suggestions.  Coil?  Crank Position  Sensor?  Hall Sensor?  
Best way to check for spark?  Common hoses  to check for massive vacuum leak? 
 Best ways to check for vac leak?
I've tried pulling codes with vag com, but keep getting the message that  the 
interface is not found.  So, if you have thoughts as to how to get that  
working, I may be able to have the car tell me what ails it.
Thanks for your help,
91 200q
88 80q
Charleston SC and doing fine on 134-A.

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