Engine cut- out

Huppert, Eric eric.huppert at us.army.mil
Mon Jul 24 09:58:04 EDT 2006

As of late I'm starting to get engine cutout (violent bucking) around 1.4
Bar. (Previously the car would pull 1.8) Cut out is severe enough that you
have to lift off the gas as it feels like something is going to break if you
stay in it! 


Have replaced the fuel filter and the following are all good: plugs, wires,
dist cap and rotor air filter. Previously repaired numerous vacuum leaks. 


Have ran codes and prior to this occurring, all was ok at that time. Will run
codes tonight to see what shows up.


Have experienced fuel pump shutoff in the 10V's, this feels much worse. Have
had blown mm hoses that just prevented car from making boost. 


Feels like a ignition cutout but curious as to why it corresponds to 1.4b?
Any BTDT or ideas????




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