Engine cut- out

Huppert, Eric eric.huppert at us.army.mil
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This 200 is a pretty recent acquisition. As usual, went through all vacuum
and normal tune-up issues right after I bought it. (to include wp and timing

Checked all clamps, etc. etc, but will go through them again tonight.

Kneale, Cutout is with AC/heat off, so don't believe the AC relay/resistor is
the issue.

Been surfing, now wondering if the altitude sensor is causing the low boost
symptom. Found info in the TWIKI ref the sensor and wondering if that's the
problem? Haven't found any reference to engine cut-out with the sensor, but
worth checking!

So, if the sensor tests bad (voltage wise) can I just bypass/jumper wire the
input and output leads. Voltage at 600-800 feet is apx 4.0 volts. So, if I
just "hot loop" the leads it should simulate sea level... Or so I believe. 

Of course, will run codes prior to doing anything (would have done it at
work, but used my jumper lead (for cel) to jump the low limit ac switch so I
could charge the GF's AC, and left it in her car!)  


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Sounds exactly like the symptom I encountered due to a loose hose 
clamp (in that case it was the one on the throttle body). Quite a 
jolt! Have you done a pressure test?


At 9:58 AM -0400 7/24/06, Huppert, Eric wrote:
>As of late I'm starting to get engine cutout (violent bucking) around 1.4
>Bar. (Previously the car would pull 1.8) Cut out is severe enough that you
>have to lift off the gas as it feels like something is going to break if you
>stay in it!

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