Problem solved (?) Engine cut- out

Huppert, Eric eric.huppert at
Tue Jul 25 09:25:11 EDT 2006

Thanks for the response to my inquiry!


Prior to pulling codes I went through all boost associated clamps, tightening
and checking. Upon completing that I ran the CEL codes. Came up with a bad
RPM sensor. Checked wiring, connectors etc. Ended up removing sensor and
cleaning the 15 years worth of metal and sludge off the magnetic end. 


Took the car out for road test, still had cutout (violent) at apx 1.4 bar.
Came home ran codes again, got an Inlet Air temp sensor fault. Pulled sensor
out of intake, checking tip and pulling back boot to check terminal
connections. Sprayed some TB cleaner in intake via temp sensor hole,


Ran the car again, no codes and pulls to 1.8 bar effortlessy! 


Not to mention swapped out the PS pump as the present pump developed a seal
leak. (As always, this became another a saga)


Just received the chips from Ben S so will check for codes again prior to


Thanks again,




PS: My troubleshooting dilemma yesterday (from my work desk) got a little out
of control! Tough figuring out whats wrong without actually standing next to
the car!

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