Problem solved (?) Engine cut- out

Phil and Judy Rose pjrose at
Tue Jul 25 13:57:15 EDT 2006

At 9:25 AM -0400 7/25/06, Huppert, Eric wrote:
>Thanks for the response to my inquiry!
>  Prior to pulling codes I went through all boost associated clamps, tightening
>and checking. Upon completing that I ran the CEL codes. Came up with a bad
>RPM sensor. Checked wiring, connectors etc. Ended up removing sensor and
>cleaning the 15 years worth of metal and sludge off the magnetic end.
>  Took the car out for road test, still had cutout (violent) at apx 1.4 bar.
>Came home ran codes again, got an Inlet Air temp sensor fault. Pulled sensor
>out of intake, checking tip and pulling back boot to check terminal
>connections. Sprayed some TB cleaner in intake via temp sensor hole,
>   Ran the car again, no codes and pulls to 1.8 bar effortlessy!

AFAIK, an electrical "problem" with the IM air temp sensor will _not_ 
cause the violent cut-out that you described. IMHO, you inadvertantly 
"fixed" something else. Hope it lasts.
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