Master cylinder problem

John Lagnese jlagnese at
Wed Jul 26 09:54:05 EDT 2006

I already changed the LF brake hose. This was a previously suggested
solution from the list. Scott, I got it from Robbins in Portsmouth. They are
a usually reliable source for me.



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Check the rubber hoses to the calipers, replace them and a good brake fluid
My $5 
-Scott by BOSTON 

From: Bernie Benz <> 
Lets start with the basics. How long has it been since, or have you ever 
cleaned out the front and rear caliper hydraulics? Flushed the fluid at 
least every 2 years since that full F and R hydraulic overhaul? If the 
answer is NO, Never, here is your starting point. Don?t touch the MC! 



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