speaking of intermittent problems...

gordy.schesel gschesel at comcast.net
Wed Jul 26 14:44:48 EDT 2006

I have had this problem recently also.  Started with a burned out
brake lamp.  Replaced lamp with a spare I had on hand, whoever
the alarm and auto check indicator, a bulb with an 'X' through it
continued on an intermittent basis.  I then purchased a matched
set from Audi parts, still no improvement.  The alarm sounding is
annoying and there does not seem to be a pattern except I find it
most often after driving a few minutes, then the alarm stops
sounding on long drives of 20 miles or more, but the auto check
indicator stays lit.  

I have checked the Bentley for a fuse to silence the alarm, there
isn't one for the auto check. I believe there is a real lamp
control unit in the trunk; is it possible that that component is
somehow faulty?

Is there an auto check control unit under the hood?
Coincidently, along with a burned out brake lamp, this problem
started when I washed down my engine compartment in the driveway
with the garden hose.  Did I short something out?  The problem is
with my 100 quattro.

Gordy in St Paul
200 20v
'91 100 quattro
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> > ...the red car frequently will sound the alert to warn us of
> > light" failure. However we've never been able to find any
> > problem with brake lights. Can this alert be caused by a 
> corroded lamp 
> > contact, even though the lamps will light up?
> Did you check the third brake light bulbs?  There are 3 or 4 
> in the unit.
> Beyond that- clean contacts with deoxit and hope for the best?
> Brett
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