Problem solved (?) Engine cut- out

Bernstein, Jeff (PSC-Akron) Jeff.Bernstein at
Wed Jul 26 17:13:59 EDT 2006


What you have described as far as engine cut out is a classic symptom of getting water in the distributor.  I have had it on the two occasions when I have cleaned the engine compartment and I have seen it many times over the years on this list.  Almost every time I have seen the description of your problem it has been after washing the engine or after a heavy rain storm.  

It will clear up in as little as a day or last up to a week depending on how much water was in the distributor and the outside temperature.  Yours just happen to coincide with your looking at a sensor that  was most likely unrelated to your original problem.  I would be curious if you have washed your engine or been in any heavy rains lately since this is the best explanation of what I am pretty sure was your problem.

Jeff Bernstein

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