Clutch slave "removal"

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The slave just comes straight out the back. Your's sounds a little sticky so just give it a good yank. If you aren't replacing it just tie it up out of the way or remove the line and set it aside. 

I believe the connector you are looking for is located on the top side of the tranny near the bell housing/block mating point. I seem to recall tracing the wires from the sensors on the passenger side of the tranny and following them up to where I finally found the connector. I'd actually started to remove the sensors on the tranny before figuring out I just had to unplug the connector and could leave the sensors/wires attached to the tranny.

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> Proceeding (as slowly as I can find distractions to keep me from the task) 
> with my transmission extraction for clutch/throwout bearing repairs, I have 
> followed Bentley's dictates on page 34-180-1 to "remove bolt A" that 
> retains the clutch slave cylinder. Can't figure out what the next advice 
> "remove clutch slave cylinder" entails. I can wiggle the cylinder with 
> attached plumbing slightly. Does it get moved up/toward rear of vehicle? 
> How do I accomplish this? I assume it gets tied up, out of the way somehow 
> after "removal". But do I apply a pry bar or something to get it "removed"? 
> Also, where is the spedometer sensor connector I'm supposed to "remove" by 
> pushing in some clips. Does "remove" mean disconnect? Which side of the 
> tranny is this on? 
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