The rebuilt 3b lives again!

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Fri Jun 2 00:15:04 EDT 2006

So today came to a close with smoke blowing out the tail pipe. All I have
left on this project is to reinstall the headlights, bumper, and grill. I
also have to re-adjust my distributor, engine was running a bit hot with a 1
tooth advance.
Everything done:
Spec Stage 3+ clutch
Findanza Lightwieght flywheel
Clutch slave
Magnecor 10mm custom race wires
7A head
new lifters
7A valve cover
7A cams
3b bottom end
K24 sport turbo
motor mounts
ARP head studs
injector seals
and other parts as needed.
I was not able to put S4 rings, rod/main bearings due to availability and
warehouse location move causeing thousands of misplaced parts.
Someone contacted me offline about what i am dogin with my old block. If you
could please email me again, that would be grand.

Andrew W. Schlueter
’91 Audi 200tq20v Avant <> 



From: Bernie Benz [mailto:b.benz at] 
Sent: Monday, May 29, 2006 3:48 PM
To: Andrew Schlueter
Subject: Re: Bronze Oil is never good (current issues)

	From: "Andrew Schlueter" <andyschlueter at>
	Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 15:16:25 -0400
	To: "Bernie Benz" <b.benz at>
	Subject: RE: Bronze Oil is never good (current issues)

	Lucky for me, the only parts i have purchased have been bearings,
seals gaskets and such. We just have so many parts that have been collected
over the years new and used. We have like 4-6 differnt turbos laying around
that were at one point used for a few dyno runs by other poeple and now just
sit. So since we started our company mainly for Hummers, we are finaly able
to do some R&D and try to get the audi/vw side going.We plan on builing
800+hp motor by the end of the summer for one of our 2 sedans or 2 wagaons
for 1/4. We got a 'cuda comming in sometime to install IIC 034 box. Since it
is our box, we are installing it for free to try to get some mopar guys in.
the block is a blueprint 440 with 668hp and640ftlbs with a 750cfm carb. So
with the IIC we should get over 700hp on the engine dyno while i tune it.
Since we are also a tool and die shop, we have 4axis cnc and a whole machine
shop at our disposal. We are just trying to get some attention. We have
spent or advertising buget for the hummer stuff on and looks like
it is paying off, we maybe be booked on cummins engine conversions for the
summer.  We just dont know how to get our name into the audi market without
spending a couple grand to build up a car to take to  the tracks. Hummer
market was easy
	oh ya, couldnt you just slap the 3b cams in?
	I don¹t have an extra set of 3B cams to do so with, and that
wouldn¹t lower the effective CR as will eliminating the valve overlap in
part by keeping the intake valve open longer into the compression stroke.
	I was going to document the machining details required to adapt the
3B water manifold to a 7A head and publish for all, but have not found a
stripped down 7A head close enough that I didn¹t have to ship it. Javid has
done so, but he will not release the details because his machinist built
fancy and expensive fixtures at J¹s expense and J wants to recover his
investment by doing the for hire machining. To bad, maybe you will pick up
the task.
	kinda got on a rant
	Andy Schlueter
	'91 200tq20v Avant <> 

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	To: Andrew Schlueter
	Cc: Audi 20V list Audi 20V
	Subject: Re: Bronze Oil is never good (current issues)
	We have vastly different perspectives! Mine is to do mods smart and
cost effective, ³on the cheap³. I have an unfinished and currently shelved
project, ³3Bing the 7A on the cheap² which involves adding the 3B externals
to the 7A in situ and altering the cam timing to both eliminate valve
overlap and reduce the effective CR of the 7A.

		From: "Andrew Schlueter" <andyschlueter at>
		Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 11:13:55 -0400
		To: "Bernie Benz" <b.benz at>
		Subject: RE: Bronze Oil is never good (current issues)

		They are doing away with emissions here in ohio by 2008, my
car is not due for anther year anyway. I am realy not worried yet. If I
don't pass, I'll spend the 1-2 hours swaping cams. Does not bother me, it
will be my little experiment. I should just get it echecked just to check it
out the numbers, since it is free here.
		For the short time I have been on the list, seems to me you
just about know every part of these cars. We have been shooting ideas around
here at the shop about a solid lifter setup on my old engine which soon
seems to becomming a stroker project. We are always trying to come up with
new inovative ideas .Any thoughts /ideas/comments on what you would like to
see done?
		Andy Schlueter
		'91 200tq20v Avant <> 

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		To: Andrew Schlueter
		Cc: Audi 20V list Audi 20V
		Subject: Re: Bronze Oil is never good (current issues)
		Apparently you¹ve not studied and compared the cam durations
and valve
		timing of the various S5 Audi engines (as published in the
		Bentleys), and maybe you don¹t understand the differences in
same between
		forced induction and naturally aspirated engines.
Specifically, valve
		overlap. NA engine design with valve overlap uses the
kinetic exhaust energy
		to help induce the new charge into the cylinder. FI design
employs no valve
		overlap to prevent the raw charge from being blown out with
the exhaust
		gasses. So, unless you change the 7A valve timing, you will
have a fuel
		inefficient engine, one never being capable of passing any
emissions test.
		Maybe you don¹t care.
		Good luck!
		> From: "andyschlueter" <andyschlueter at>
		> Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 01:28:48 -0400
		> To: "'Bernie Benz'" <b.benz at>
		> Subject: RE: Bronze Oil is never good (current issues)
		> Well 7a exahust cam is extreamly close the RS2 exhasut
cam( same part number
		> sufix and price). In talking with Javad in the past, I
will loose little
		> bottom end, but pick up quite abit of top end. As
questioning about the 7a
		> intake, he just said it works well. I amusming he means
his 800hp 80tq.  He
		> uses the stock 7a cams in his motor. I think the intake
cams RS2/7A are all
		> close to the stock 3b/aan cam. They say don¹t put these
cams if your running
		> a stock motor for it not worth the hassel for the little
gain. Since I plan
		> on building up my motor, I'll stick these in so in case I
decide to build my
		> headers and put a garret turbo on,  larger injectors, I'll
be ready. So
		> that¹s my reasoning.
		> Love to hear input,
		> Andrew W. Schlueter
		> ¹91 Audi 200tq20v Avant
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		> Subject: Re: Bronze Oil is never good (current issues)
		> Hi Andy,
		> Hidden among all your grandiose plans and purchased
upgrades is a little
		> inclusion, ³7A cams²! What¹s your rational for using, and
why would you want
		> to use 7A cams and cam timing in a turbocharged engine???
		> Bernie 
		>> From: "andyschlueter" <andyschlueter at>
		>> Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 19:32:30 -0400
		>> To: <200q20v at>
		>> Subject: FW: Bronze Oil is never good (current issues)
		>> Well, Using anther 3b bottom end. Ordered all new
rod/main bearings,
		>> rings,
		>> s4 mls head gasket, and all new stainless allan head
bolts, 6 puck
		>> clutch (made to replace stock disk). ARP stud kit from
summit racing
		>> from the I5 desiel motor(same ARP stud 034 sells but
cheaper), C, new
		>> lifters, and all new seals. I also ordered a set of
custom Magnecor
		>> 10mm wires, cost $168 with shipping. I have been using a
TAP1 sport
		>> turbo for a while now (held 15psi to 7krpm with leaking
		>> Newer inntercooler. Thinking on swaping on a RS2 turbo
and manifold
		>> since I have the motor out. Got javads old garret turbo
he used to get
		>> 455.1 whp. Not sure if I want to build a new exhaust
manifold yet. I
		>> was talking with my father, he is always telling me there
is no use to
		>> upgrade a daily driver. Well last night I was chatting
with him, and
		>> he said since the engine is out why not build a monster.
Just thought it
		> was funny.
		>> Ya, some progress, cant do anything till Tuesday when all
the parts show
		> up.
		>> Andrew W. Schlueter
		>> '91 Audi 200tq20v Avant

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