Removel of glove box?

Henry A Harper III hah at
Fri Jun 2 17:06:13 EDT 2006

I was trying to remember if they were Philips-head or some of the 4mm? hex
head that are prevalent in the rest of the dash infrastructure - either way,
they are hard to see because they are black on black but it's good to know
that at least some of them (front pair?) do not require complete removal
since they are in a slot, just some good loosening. The slots help with


> Peter:
> My recollection is at least four small philips head screws, two on
> the left and two on the right side of the opened glove box.  The only
> way to get at them was to buy a small bit socket wrench and use a
> philips bit -no way to get a standard philips screwdriver in there....
> -Peter
> At 03:54 PM 6/2/2006, PeterBergin at wrote:

> >
> >Got frustrated trying to remove the glove box and found the
> illustration in
> >the Bentley useless.
> >
> >Any know the best way to get the glove box out?

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