200q20v stalling

martinkuetzing at att.net martinkuetzing at att.net
Fri Jun 2 20:31:46 EDT 2006

I have a stalling problem that appeared litterally "overnight", a few weeks ago, and now is a regular nuisance.

When either accelerating or decelerating and depressing the clutch to shift, the tach will drop through idle and the engine will stall.  There is never any stalling at idle (at a stop light, for example), and reving the engine at a standstill will not cause this condition.  Also, this problem does not appear to be engine temp related.  If there is enough motion of the car, releasing the clutch will restart the engine.  Or if this occurs while coasting to a complete stop, the starter restarts the car perfectly.

But, in a typical thirty minute trip around town, the car may stall ten to twenty times in this manner.

Also, there is a another (unrelated??) problem that's been around for a while, that appears to be boost related.  When "punching" the throttle under conditions when max boost are expected, the engine appears to cut-out as though the ECU may have sensed an overboost condition.  Reducing the accelerator a bit clears the problem.  The car has been chipped, but has an unmodified ECU.  The panel boost gauge shows 1.4 to 1.5 when this occurs.

Any BTDT's?



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