Throttle Cable end

Phil Rose pjrose at
Sun Jun 4 17:22:12 EDT 2006

At 3:47 PM -0400 6/4/06, Kneale Brownson wrote:
>Isn't it just a stop to keep the cable from pulling off the thing that
>rotates when the cable is pulled?  Aren't there crimp-on things (like a
>lead sinker for a fishing line, except more robust) that could be attached
>to the end of the cable for the same purpose?

No, it's not the ball-end "sinker" on the end of the cable that comes 
apart. It's the piece of molded plastic (on the lever arm) that is 
meant to retain the cable ball-end.

>At 07:17 PM 6/4/2006 +0000, Mike Del Tergo wrote:
>>When mine crapped out, after a few mickey mouse fixes, I had one fabbed out
>>of metal and welded on, for about $50 which was about $25+- less than a used
>>20V TB was going for.  While to 5KTQ looks ver similar, it will not work on
>>the 20V.
>>From: "Thomas Mesich" <tmesich at>
>>Subject: Throttle Cable end
>>The plastic piece that connects the throttle cable to the throttle body
>>on our 91 sedan has broken. 
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