Passenger side leak

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Mon Jun 5 15:43:24 EDT 2006

First place I'd look is at the ECU, which is mounted just in front of the
doorjamb on the passenger side.  You don't want that thing taking in any

As far as the leak, check the big drain for the HVAC well under the rain
diverter at the bottom of the windshield.  If you look down between the
evaporator box and the heater core/blower box, near the front of the well,
there's a large rubber grommet that has a tube out the bottom that's
supposed to open to let water out.  If the tube is plugged with
leaves/acorns/etc., it sometimes won't let the water out and moisture can
build up enough to run through the recirculation flap opening above the

If the HVAC well is dry, you may have a leak at the base of the windshield.

If you were running the A/C while it was hot and wet out, the moisture
could come from a plugged drain for the evaporator box.  The evaporator
drips constantly while A/C is operating, and its drain can get plugged.  It
empties out on top of the tranny a bit toward the passenger fender from the
larger HVAC drain.  Listers have reported success cleaning that drain with
the smaller size weedwhip cord.

Least likely is the front, passenger side, corner drain for the sunroof.
It drains out a tube that empties near the doorjamb on that side.

At 02:58 PM 6/5/2006 -0400, Mark Trank wrote:
>Heavy rains over the weekend and the passenger side front seat carpet is
>soaked.  I know I've seen this issue pop up occasionally so apologies
>for raising it again.  Never experienced this before though.   I assume
>something is clogged -- any suggestions where to look are appreciated!
>Thanks, Mark
>91 200q20v 126k
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