Huppert, Eric eric.huppert at
Tue Jun 6 09:40:56 EDT 2006



Have a concern with the vac/boost readout on my trip computer. Regardless of
driving/vacuum conditions the lowest the readout drops is .4 bar. Believe I
got it to .3 when I pulled vacuum with the tester. 


My 10 valves would read as low as .2 bar....


Understand this is a different system, but am curious.


Have tested all vacuam leak possibilities and replaced numerous vac lines.
(The hard line going to vac accumulator was even punctured!) Moisture trap at
ecu is good, everything is working as it should... (to include cc) Carbon
canister solenoid was bad, replace. Breathers, hoses, all good...


Yet, still only goes as low as .4! Idles at .5?


Should probably should "t" my manual gauge in so I can watch while driving,
but looking for any BTDT in case I'm missing something




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