HVAC and engine compartment leaks

Jacob Michaels jalexmichaels at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 6 12:26:59 EDT 2006

Finally had time to look more closely at the possible leaks in the engine 
compartment causing fume smells in the HVAC system.

HVAC and fumes:  First,  I noticed I am missing the long rubber seal/molding 
that runs along the barrier between the engine compartment and the HVAC/fuse 
box area.  Could this lack of a seal be one of the reasons I am getting so 
much fume smell in the system?  Time to go to a boneyard to ge this part.

I have rigged the HVAC system to essentially be on recirculate all the time. 
  No more fume smells (yes!), but this is a temporary fix.  I see nothing 
obviously wrong with the spring or mechanism that attaches to the two HVAC 

Engine compartment leaks:
Something is leaking on the exhaust system in front of the driver's side cat 
converter.  Can't figure out what, might be pentosin from the resevoir or ps 
rack?  There is a rip in the ps rack rubber accordian, but on the passenger 

Also, there does seem to be some oil around the back end of the head gasket.

Thanks to all who have responded to these issues,

Jacob Michaels  PDX
91 200q20v
87.5 coupe
01 Passat Wagon

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