HVAC and engine compartment leaks

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Tue Jun 6 13:07:06 EDT 2006

I think that seal plays a huge part in keeping engine fumes out of the HVAC

If your leak onto the catalytic converter  is from the power steering rack
or the hose connection to it, you'd see a gradual drop in the hydraulic oil
level, I'd think.  The hose connection on the bottom of the hydraulic
reservoir also is a common leak point. 

At 04:26 PM 6/6/2006 +0000, Jacob Michaels wrote:
>Finally had time to look more closely at the possible leaks in the engine 
>compartment causing fume smells in the HVAC system.
>I am missing the long rubber seal/molding 
>that runs along the barrier between the engine compartment and the HVAC/fuse 
>box area.  
>Something is leaking on the exhaust system in front of the driver's side cat 

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