Light Switch Harness

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Tue Jun 6 14:36:30 EDT 2006


> > I got a new connector from Scott, who I think sourced from the dealer.  
> > also supplied a new lead with a connector on each side...which I'm 
> > I'll have to cut in half and splice into the existing loom for the 
> >
> > The other thing I'm wondering about is how I will get the wires out of 
> > old connector...bic pen to depress the retainer tabs?
>No. Requires a thin flat blade. Try R.Shack, as used to release wire trap

Will check that out when I dig in...whatever it takes to get the job done.

> >
> > Right now is just down/maintenance time for the car as I was lucky 
>enough to
> > be able to borrow a power steering hose (huge pia!), new
> > thermostat and coolant system flush, fix the lights, and finally 
> > the rear calipers so I can have an e-brake again.
>Fix the lights? Install HL relays, even if running stock lighting.

At this point do have a relayed wiring harness for the Euro lights...way 
back when went the easy route and purchased Blaus wiring loom.  I remember 
wishing they'd have spent the extra $5 and included the seal boots on their 
harness so wouldn't have felt compelled to add them.  Oh, how I love 
blau...let me count the ways.

>E-brake problem may be frozen cables. BTDT, a bigger PITA than overhauling
>rear calipers.

Ya, I've heard about that...I do remember when I did my rear pads wbw (way 
back when) the ebrake mechanism on the caliper is quite difficult to move, 
so when anybody drives my car and makes the mistake of applying the ebrake, 
I need a hammer to undo what they've wrought.

> >
> > Derek P
> >

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