alternators issues

Brett Dikeman brett at
Tue Jun 6 14:29:23 EDT 2006

On Jun 6, 2006, at 9:42 AM, Schaible, David wrote:

> Checked w/ voltage meter, belt is definitely correct, redid fitting on
> the field wire also.   will check main ground strap, heard the battery
> cable can rot out causing similar issues.

The ground strap connection at the body can develop a slight  
resistance- I cleaned mine up and killed a -very- slight voltage drop  
there (with about every accessory in the car turned on.)  The "rot"  
you refer to is generally at the "splice" in the passenger  
footwell...a pain to get to, as a lot of stuff has to come out.

Though this would not cause your "sudden" issues, make sure the  
pulley is the proper diameter.  There was a TSB years ago covering  
pulleys that were too large, and hence didn't provide enough RPMs at  
idle to meet demand.

Sidenote- guys, PLEASE trim your posts!  It's not hard!  Some email  
clients even do it automagically if you select the text you want to  
reply to before you hit 'reply'.


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