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If I read the parts fiche correctly, the rocker is the same for 
sedan/wagon, 10 and 20v cars.  Looks like it is still a good US part 
443 803 762A.  Worldimpex.com lists it at $444.  Dealer likely the same 
price.  Same for the door shell; $600, and same for sedan/wagon.

I've got the part on the parts car, as well as a good door, and a hell 
of a lot less than $1000.  ....  But, it looks like it's spot welded in 
place in lots of places, and it would be a heavy/long part to ship, 
meaning $$$.  Start by looking for another type 44 out there... the 
only difference in the door skin is the old-style handle, if I remember 


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Backed over a large bolder on a dark jungle road and need a new 
rocker panel and front door for the avant.

I am open to any and all options as there are no other 200's on the 
island I
can salvage.

mucho mahalo,


91 200 20v avant

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