coolant color

Brett Dikeman brett at
Tue Jun 13 02:06:48 EDT 2006

On Jun 12, 2006, at 3:51 PM, andy wrote:

> When I bought my 200 it had blue G12 coolant in it. I have always  
> assumed that this was stock.


> I just got the car back from a timing belt/water pump/etc repair  
> from a reputable audi shop, non dealer, and the coolant is green. I  
> called them when I noticed and they said that this car doesn't  
> require the more expensive G12 and a quality aftermarket is what  
> they have always used. This includes the owners S4 w/ a 20V engine.
> Any thoughts or comments?

Drain it and install the blue stuff, and inform them that only  
Pentosin is ACTUALLY phosphate and silicate free.

It's not like you need to do it this second, day, week, or even  
month- but the "green stuff" is "low phosphate", even the stuff that  
claims to be phosphate FREE. If you don't believe me- check out  
Prestone's website where the slimeballs (pardon the pun) spin a  
wonderful tale about why they should be able to mis-label "low"  
phosphate coolant.

What is the name and location of the shop, please?


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