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Tue Jun 13 10:18:44 EDT 2006

On 6/13/06, Brett Dikeman <brett at> wrote:
> > I just got the car back from a timing belt/water pump/etc repair
> > from a reputable audi shop, non dealer, and the coolant is green. I
> > called them when I noticed and they said that this car doesn't
> > require the more expensive G12 and a quality aftermarket is what
> > they have always used. This includes the owners S4 w/ a 20V engine.
> > Any thoughts or comments?
> Drain it and install the blue stuff, and inform them that only
> Pentosin is ACTUALLY phosphate and silicate free.

I usually read the "contents" section of the bottle - *if* they bother to
list it.  If they don't list contents, or if one of the "ingredients" is a
phosphate (hooray for chemistry!), I skip it.

It's not like you need to do it this second, day, week, or even
> month- but the "green stuff" is "low phosphate", even the stuff that
> claims to be phosphate FREE. If you don't believe me- check out
> Prestone's website where the slimeballs (pardon the pun) spin a
> wonderful tale about why they should be able to mis-label "low"
> phosphate coolant.

Is this what you're talking about?
I have to admit, it's a pretty amusing answer.


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