Coolant Color

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Tue Jun 13 17:06:04 EDT 2006


lots of irate and ancedotal information...

what's the science behind the root cause of the issues?

I'm also running the prestone orange in a number of vehicles with 
none of the adverse effects...


At 04:35 PM 6/13/2006, Brett Dikeman wrote:

>On Jun 13, 2006, at 12:51 PM, TooManyAudis at wrote:
> > Yes, but, the discussion has also centered around the question as
> > to  whether
> > any antifreeze other than Pentosin is acceptable.  If the Prestone
> > Extended
> > Life (orange color) is not acceptable, I'd like to know why.
>Note how virtually every other hit is about problems or lawsuits...
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