Coolant Color in Audis... A Freakin' Survey!

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Note how virtually every  other hit is about problems or  lawsuits...


Umm, not to be cynical, but it appears that those hits are to websites that  
either link to Class Action Lawyers or are part of the Lawyers' websites  
I think you need to take into account the way that google ranks  pages.  The 
lawyers know how to get their pages as high up on the charts as  possible 
(multiple links to information pages, of which these article certainly  classify). 
 It's a freakin' conspiracy, involving link-backs and other  
easily-manipulated strategies.
Now, let's do an unscientific survey...  Who runs the Prestone orange  in 
their Audi?  How many miles have you run this coolant?  And, What  problems have 
you had that are coolant-related?
The Prestone Orange Extended Life Coolant was not always "Dexcool  Approved". 
 Soooo... this has me thinking that with all the different  brands of 
"Dexcool Approved" Coolants out there, that perhaps there is  variation in the 
formulation.  And, Prestone and the others took their  different formulations to GM 
to get GM's Dexcool stamp of  approval.
I'll bet the original equipment Dexcool Coolant differs in some way  from 
these aftermarket suppliers, and that is what's causing the problem.   Engine 
internals may also have something to do with it.  Hell, maybe the  intake 
manifolds are crap, and that's what the real problem is.  I failed  to see any 
reference to any vehicles other than GM products which were factory  filled with 
this mystery 150k mile Dexcool Coolant.
If there are any reports of Preston Orange coolant failures in a  
reasonably-maintained Audi, I'll put a Fram oil filter on my car at the next oil  change. 
Show me a problem, any problem with a reasonably-maintained Audi using  
Prestone Orange, or stop spewing the party line of Class Action Lawyers.
-- Tom
91 200q20v for sale - Orange Coolant fine, Throwout bearing not so  good...
88 80q -- 150k on the orange stuff, which replaced the green stuff before  it.

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