Replacing AC system Orings

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Tue Jun 13 18:06:14 EDT 2006

I bought a box of o-rings at Autozone - assorted sizes for cheap (like
$2 for 20) last summer - package said they wee good for R12 or R134 -
its been about a year and my system is holding up fine (note this is on
my urq w/ 3B but that shouldn't matter)


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Subject: Replacing AC system Orings

I'm about to get the R134 conversion charge to last longer than a 
year - will replace the accumulator and the orifice tube, and while I 
am at it, the orings...

Question is the orings speced in Bentley measure all measure a 
width/thickness of 1.8 mm and an ID of 17.2, 14.0, 10.8, 9.3 mms...

Where can I find them?  I checked McMaster Carr online catalog, and 
they don't stock those sizes....e.g.  1.6 mm thick 17mm id...



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