Coolant Color in Audis... A Freakin' Survey!

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> Now, let's do an  unscientific survey...

Given there are 1000+ people on the quattro list  and 250+ on the  
200q20v, let's not.

If you want to  set up something with one of the free survey sites and  
post the URL  back here, be my guest.  Just keep an eye out for those  
evil  lawyers circling in black helicopters.


So, what you are saying is... that you are free to express your  opinion 
about a widely-used product on this forum, but are against using this  same forum 
to record feedback from those who might just have real-world  experience and 
know what they are talking about???
C'mon Brett, there's just as much chance that I could be proven wrong on  
this one.  But the fact is, I've driven well over 300,000 miles using the  
Prestone Orange Extended Life Coolants, and have not had one problem in 5 Audis  and 
3 VW's that I would consider coolant-related.
This forum is meant for the free-flowing exchange of ideas and experience  
with all things Audi-related.  I've saved thousands of dollars as a result  of 
the collective experience represented on Audifans.  So, if that  collective 
experience confirms or contradicts an opinion expressed on the forum  (even if 
its yours) I think we should have easy access to it.
And, for your information, evil lawyers do not fly around in black  
helicopters.  Evil Government Agents and Student Loan Officers do.
-- Tom
91 200q20v 
88 80q

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