Coolant Leak...passenger footwell?

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Wed Jun 14 14:57:33 EDT 2006

How many ways can I spell fuck?!?!  What I know of those jobs spells lots of 
pain and misery.  Is that also the case on these cars?  Seems like kind of 
dumb question really.

Derek P

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>Heater core
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>My patience is continueing to dwindle.  Just replaced the power steering
>hose, thermostat, flush the coolant sytem, and replace the coolant, and
>this.  Noticed a couple of days ago I've got a small leak of coolant
>on the floor mat on the passenger side of the car...front seat of
>Notice some staining, noticed the color (blue for the survey), and ran
>finger across it today and it is certainly wet right now.
>Any ideas on this?  If it's something like a heater core I may just tnt
>Derek P
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