tps or somthing?

Andrew Schlueter andyschlueter at
Wed Jun 14 21:32:43 EDT 2006

So, does anyone have any ideas about low boost and the TPS or somthing? I have been only runnging 5psi, and while under boost for more than 3 seconds, the check engine light comes on till I go back to vaccum. Hear and there I pull 15-20psi but then boggs down to 5psi like it is running rich. 

So i tried my man. boost controll. set for 10psi runs fine then like before, but then after 3 sec, engine light, boggs down and runs real rich. Since i am running no muffler, you can really hear the the the engine bog down, kinda sounds like an engine break.

Any Ideas?

PS- anyon have any front passenger side door trim, mine suffered a sevear parking lot door smack. If i only knew who it was...

Andrew W. Schlueter
’91 Audi 200tq20v Avant
Out here in Estes Park, crusin the mountains 

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