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Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 15 13:51:05 EDT 2006

Ok, so I'm getting more serious in my contemplations on stepping down from 
ownership of the 200, and I'm wondering if anybody has any first or even 
second hand knowledge on the reliability of the late 90's A4's with a 
1.8t...of course this would be verse the current 200.  I've got a friend 
locally who swears up and down that the A4 is a more solid car, with fewer 
system problems than us 200-owners experience...but he's also an Audi nut 
and at times I wonder if his opinion isn't a bit biased.

I've done some searching/reading on the A4-list w/in Audifans, and did 
notice some interesting problems coming up with wheel bearings, ABS control 
units, front suspension pieces, and have also heard of issues with the 
coil-packs (recalled?) and sludge if oil isn't changed studiously.

So, I'm wondering if anybody has some input for me on the topic with either 
experience, or if someone could even direct me to a Chris Miller type page 
for the A4.  I also know about Audiworld...but I'm not very concerned about 
the chipability or potential suspension upgrades available.  Taka, if I 
recall you're the proud owner of one of those A4's?

Reply on-list or off, either way is fine by me...only benefit of on-list is 
maybe someones comments would spur ideas with someone else.


Derek P

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