A4's...limited 200 content

Rich Letsinger rletsinger at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 14:55:53 EDT 2006


All of those things you mentioned are common A4 issues. I bought a '99
A4 1.8T Avant brand new and loved the car for 3 years. I did track
events, traveling, canyon blasting and the car was fantastik. I did
all kinds of mods and found the car to be very flexible and

That said, after the A4 I got an urS4 and found the AAN to be a much
better engine. Smoother, more powerful in stock trim and infinitely
more upgradable. Now I have a 3B in an urquattro and like the 3B just
as well as the AAN, not quite as good in power but better sound and
rev matching and dropoff much better w/o the dual-mass flywheel.

I know I'm going backwards, but I've got to say the older cars are
more fun to drive and the engines are better to work on and to run.
The only issue that's killing mi is parts availability.  YMMV.


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