Knowledgebase (Wiki) fixed; please help contribute links!

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Jun 15 15:27:29 EDT 2006

The knowledgebase has (finally!  I know...sorry!) been repaired so  
that editing is possible again.  Many apologies for the -very- long  
delay.  For those of you who have not checked out the Wiki, you can  
hit the main site and click on Knowledgebase, or go here:

I've paid a penance for the delay by spending some time revamping the  
links page, which I'm almost done with.  If you maintain any sort of  
audi-related website, please feel free to add your website to the  
links page, which is linked off the main Audifans site banner or  
accessible directly via the following URL:

Contributions in terms of individual (personal) sites and clubs/their  
chapters (I added the NE and NA chapters of ACNA, for example) would  
be very helpful!  Just make a note of the format used in current  
entries, or cut+paste an existing entry and edit to suit.

We'd also sincerely appreciate a link from any personal pages or  
sites you run -back- to Audifans!

Thanks all,

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