tps or somthing?

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Jun 15 19:34:32 EDT 2006

On Jun 14, 2006, at 9:32 PM, Andrew Schlueter wrote:

> So, does anyone have any ideas about low boost and the TPS or  
> somthing? I have been only runnging 5psi, and while under boost for  
> more than 3 seconds, the check engine light comes on till I go back  
> to vaccum. Hear and there I pull 15-20psi but then boggs down to  
> 5psi like it is running rich.
> So i tried my man. boost controll. set for 10psi runs fine then  
> like before, but then after 3 sec, engine light, boggs down and  
> runs real rich. Since i am running no muffler, you can really hear  
> the the the engine bog down, kinda sounds like an engine break.
> Any Ideas?

Pull the codes?  Pressure test the intake system since you're running  
rich under boost?  Don't use "boost controllers" when your ECU does  
it just fine on its own, and has sophisticated knock detection,  
coolant+air intake sensing, etc?


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