Heater Core etc...

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 16 15:30:22 EDT 2006


I was planning on doing the fan motor at the same time...but unfortunately 
went with the substantially more expensive method of replacing the motor as 
a whole...along with the flap servo (no heat in the winter).  I guess on the 
bright side, at least my fan wheel squeak will be gone (probably could have 
been solved by oil...)  I knew the whole assembly had to come out from under 
the hood, but was getting a bit optimistic that it may not be as bad as some 
have said.  The worst part?  Removing the box from the cramped quarters?  
The firewall seal?  Do I really need two people?

These days the 200 feels like a "hole in the road you pour money into (not 
to mention knuckle skin and time)."  The phrase "good money after bad" keeps 
coming up.

But more topically, if I'm hearing you correctly, this job really does suck 
eggs...and big time?  How's it compare to other major pia jobs such as power 
steering hose, or ebrake cable?  It is doable in a single day correct?

Derek P

>To get to the heater core you must remove the heater fan box under the 
>as I¹m sure is described by Chris and SJM. This is a real bitch! Done that 
>or 3 times to work on the heater fan and replace the motor brushes on
>several 44s. As yet I¹ve never had to go the next but easy step to replace
>the heater core.
>If you¹ve never serviced this fan motor it will be in dire need of at least
>new brushes. Replace these while you¹re in there, much cheaper than
>replacing the whole motor.
>Blower motor brushes: need 2 ea. (samples?)
>5/16² square X 1/2² long w/ 1³ flex lead.
>Helwig Carbon Products Co. p/n 52H $1.20ea in 6/Œ96
>Milwaukee, WI 800-962-4851
>NW rep. Mike Perkins 503-391-4851
>I don¹t envy you on this job, but beer helps.
> > From: "Derek Pulvino" <dbpulvino at hotmail.com>
> > Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 11:18:27 -0700
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> > Subject: Heater Core etc...
> >
> > Ok, so I'm biting another bullet this weekend, and replacing the heater 
> > along with some of the other attached ancilaries.  So far I've read the 
> > on Chris Miller's and the SJM sites, and gotten some feedback from Mr. 
> > himself.  At this point, doesn't look like this will be altogether easy, 
> > may not wind up being as bad as was originally thinking.  Does sound 
> > it'll be easier than the same job on say an A2 VW or one of the Audi
> > 80/90's.
> >
> > If anybody has any btdt hints they learned along the way feel free to
> > oblidge.  Sounds like one of the more difficult parts in this job is
> > actually removing the assembly if the foam insulation is well adhered to 
> > firewall.  Otherwise, removing select wires, vacuum routings, the center
> > console covers, wiper arms and motor, and of course the tray under the 
> > affords me the access I need.
> >
> > I'm budgeting another entire day...if I'm wrong, let me know.
> >
> > Derek P

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