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Fri Jun 16 22:35:51 EDT 2006

The F5DPOR is the best and only plug to use in the 20V and any highly forced
induction engine. But why are you replacing them? They last for 200K+. Have
you isolated the failure? I¹ve only found one bad one in 350K.


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> Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 21:42:19 -0400
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> Subject: Help!!
> Hi,
> What spark plugs are people using in the 200 q20V? I can't get the Bosch
> F5DPOR locally. I need to wade through the replacements. The FLAPS don't
> agree on what should fit. None of them seem to be able to cross reference
> anything. The archives were no help.
> Thanks,
> John 
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