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Fri Jun 16 23:27:54 EDT 2006

Probably not the problem at all, but to be sure, solate the problem. Replace
one plug at a time with any kind of plug and move it down the bank until you
isolate the bad plug, if any, with certainty. Or, order a new set of plugs
from SJM and send the old ones to me.


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> I have an occasional miss under power on the highway.
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> John,
> The F5DPOR is the best and only plug to use in the 20V and any highly forced
> induction engine. But why are you replacing them? They last for 200K+. Have
> you isolated the failure? I¹ve only found one bad one in 350K.
> Bernie
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>> Hi,
>> What spark plugs are people using in the 200 q20V? I can't get the Bosch
>> F5DPOR locally. I need to wade through the replacements. The FLAPS don't
>> agree on what should fit. None of them seem to be able to cross reference
>> anything. The archives were no help.
>> Thanks,
>> John
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