knock sensor cases cracked

Steve Hauptmann vwaudiporschefan at
Fri Jun 23 12:11:49 EDT 2006

The cracks your seeing are in the black plastic which covers the metal "sensor". It's this metal under that cover that transmits the signal. The cracks in the plastic are not IMO any indication of failure. The "silver" spiral wrap cover that you are seeing used to be covered in black plastic also. Some sections may still be if you followed the wire to the end. Anyway, I seem to remember (not 100% sure) there being a test procedure for the these in the Bentley which would be a better indication of whether it's working or not.
  I replaced the one on my '87 GTI track car because it was:
  1 the original,
  2 had cracked cover and spiral metal cover exposed for may years,
  3 reasonable price,
  4 I was too lazy to test it
  Never did "feel" any difference after replacing it though. So before I will replace the 2 on my 200, I will make sure and run the test per/ Bentley first.
  My $0.02

  Steve Hauptmann
  South Carolina
  91 200 20v, Hoppen, H&R/Bil-sprt, 2B delrin sway bar bushings.
Brett Dikeman <brett at> wrote:
  I was pulling the hydraulic pump when I noticed that both knock 
sensor cases are cracked in 2-3 places each. Does this mean they 
need replacement?

They're also wired in with some strange wiring I haven't seen 
elsewhere on the car- looks silver, with a spiral-wrap cover. Do 
others recall seeing the same?

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