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> Weird...the VIN won't work on carfax.

The Check digit is wrong, according to the rest of the vin the check
digit (9th) should be a 1.  The correct vin (assuming no other errors in
transcription) should be:

WAUKE5441LN001277  (287 divided by 11 = 26 with remainder of 1)

For those interested:

Regulations both in the United States of America and Canada require that
the 9th position of the Vehicle Identification Number a check digit is
In North America, the check digit is considered to be the third section
the VIN. Its purpose is to provide a means for verifying the accuracy of
VIN transcription. It is calculated as specified below, using the other
characters of the VIN as they have been determined by the manufacturer.

     First, a numerical value is assigned to letters in the VIN. The I, O
and Q are not allowed so on the positions of these letters the numerical
sequence skips:

A=1               J=1                T=3
B=2               K=2               U=4
C=3               L=3                V=5
D=4               M=4              W=6
E=5                N=5               X=7
F=6                P=7                Y=8
G=7                R=9               Z=9
H=8                S=2

     Secondly, a weight factor is assigned to all positions of the VIN,
except of course to the 9th position, being the position of the check
as follows:

1 x 8            10 x 9
2 x 7            11 x 8
3 x 6            12 x 7
4 x 5            13 x 6
5 x 4            14 x 5
6 x 3            15 x 4
7 x 2            16 x 3
8 x 10          17 x 2

     Then the numbers and the numerical values of the letters in the VIN
must be multiplied by their assigned weight factor and the resulting
products added up.  The sum of the products must be divided by 11.  The
numerical remainder is the check digit. If the remainder is 10, the check
digit shall be the letter X. So, in the 9th position of the VIN there
appear either the numbers 0 through 9 or the letter X.

Here's the breakdown for the rest of the vin (again, assuming IT's
correct, no guess work when it comes to Vin #'s Roger:


WAU = Passenger Car, Continental Europe Production
K   =  4 Door Quattro Sedan 
E  = Engine (E=3.6L) (V=4.2L) (W=4.2L California engine)
5 = Passenger Restraint system (5=driver airbag) (6=driver & psgr.Airbag)
44 = The most beloved of Audi Body styles "type 44"
X = Factory Check Digit, see formula above
L = 1990 Model year (M=1991, N=1992, P=1993,R=94, S=95) 
N = Neckarsulm Assembly Plant (A=Ingolstadt)
001 277 = Sequential production number 

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