91 200TQ for sale in Colorado Springs

Grant Dion g_dion at adelphia.net
Fri Mar 3 15:19:45 EST 2006


I have decided to sell my Pearl 200TQ, Grey comfort leather. It has 152,000
miles on. I have run Mobil 1 since I got it at 92,000 miles, and the P.O.
said he did as well. I have done lots of recent maintenance, but don't want
to do anymore.(It seems to need rear wheel bearings) It runs very well, but
I just want a NEW car. I don't do the mechanical repairs and get killed when
work is needed. Once the bearings are replaced, I would not hesitate to
drive this car on a long trip. 

Recent Stuff
Bilsteins, including bearing cups/ or seat, whatever they are called they
were expensive
Euro lights and Blau harness=VERY GOOD LIGHTING now! ( Have original lights
to go with the car) 
Blower Motor, heater actuator flap motor
Radiator and overflow reservoir
After run pump
Several relays
Clutch master and slave cylinders done 2003, about 35,000 miles ago.
New UFO and brake pads on all 4 corners
Tires Traction T/A with about 10,000 miles on them
Fuel pump about 25,000 miles ago.
Great Stereo! I converted the stock radio to Clarion ProAudio MP3
Deck/Sirius satellite/2 amps. Infinity speakers, and Fosgate SUB.  (I plan
on taking the head unit/amp/sub out but if the price is right I might leave
it in)

I have receipts, and can email pictures on request. Asking $6,500

Grant Dion Colorado Springs CO
719 200-3436
719 380-9862

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