Rear Wheel Bearing noise

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Sat Mar 4 19:11:49 EST 2006

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IMO a noisy bearing will last for years, longer than you will be able to
stand the howl. BTDT for 2 years, many K miles. I have successfully relubed
these bearings for greater than new life, but you must disassemble and
inspect the outer race to insure that it is in suitable shape. See my old
post, Wheel Bearing Postmortem.

> From: Kent McLean <kentmclean at>
> Grant Dion wrote:
>> I will ultimately replace both rear bearings, but would like a stop
>> gap, and I need to log 400-500 miles this weekend on the car.
> The wheel bearings won't get better on their own.
Not necessarily true, Grant. Depends upon the possibility of redistribution
of a portion the hardened grease. I¹ve had one go quiet for 3 years
additional life without touching it.
> Whatever oil you 
> could get in there will probably quickly overheat.
Shear unfounded speculation on your part, Grant.

> The bearings might
> be good for 500 miles, but I wouldn't want to find out they aren't
> while going 75 mph 300 miles from home.
> Safest bet - don't take a chance. Drop the car off at your friendly
> mechanic, and rent a car (with unlimited mileage) for the weekend.
> The bearings will be fixed when you get back.
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