Attention AOL users

PeterBergin at PeterBergin at
Mon Mar 6 17:13:12 EST 2006

Brett, I unfortunately just signed up with a AOL/DSL combo that required a  
one year commitment last month.  It is a good deal.
I did call AOL yesterday with concerns about this issue, and after jumping  
through their usual hoops and 1/2 hour on the phone I got someone to guarantee  
me (not in writing) that this change would not affect club mailing lists.   
Their claim is that it is an attempt to reduce spam from the usual sources  
(penis enlargement, viagra, mortgages etc).  He also mentioned that if the  
senders address was in your address book, all mail would come through  fine.
If this is actually the truth, than so be it.
Please keep me informed if/when you learn different.
Thanks for you years of efforts!

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