brake hoses/lines for Big Brakes

Kenneth Keith auditude at
Wed Mar 8 12:24:20 EST 2006

Hi folks,

I picked up a pair of Big Blacks (928gts calipers) and am getting
ready to put them on my 200q20v with RS2 brackets and A8l rotors.

I know there have been lots of discussions about brake lines recently
and in the past, somewhere, but I didn't catch the details about what
lines (hoses, the flexible lines) I need to use to mount the Porsche
calilpers to my 200q20v.

Can someone please point me to a resource or tell me what lines/hoses
are needed?

Also, do I reuse the Audi bracket-to-wheel bearing housing bolts?

I want to get these brakes on so I'll be able to stop after I make it
go better. =)



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