3B Distributor Issue. Maybe more?

Leon proleonk at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 05:15:50 EST 2006

Hi all,
thank you in advance for reading this! I tried to keep it short.
I am a proud owner of a nice tan '91 Audi 200 Quattro Turbo with the 20V
3B engine. It ran strong till the day I was sliding around a curve and the
engine stalled on me. After this, the engine wouldn't rev faster then
2800-3000rpm when engaged in any gear, but would rev up all the way in
neutral. When driving and coming close to that certain range it seemed
like stepping on the brakes, as the car slowed down (even when completely
on the gas). It "seemed" like a MAF issue, but I never got to determine
Engine ran fairly well in idle, even though RPM's were bouncing.

I pulled the following codes at a shop: Throttle Position Sensor (already
replaced), Oxygen sensor (was disconnected), Hall Sensor/Engine speed
sensor (problem here!). Doubt that its a fuel pump problem. Replaced
fuel filter, didnt check for the fuel pressure.
At home I removed the distributor cap, hoping to get access to the hall
sensor. I cleaned cap and rotor surfaces and put it back together. With no
luck I put the distributor back together, started the engine. Engine ran
on 2-3 cylinders - wrong firing order. After switching wires, engine
didn't start any more. Now I have no spark - I believe I either fried the
ignition module or the hall sensor completely gave out.

Right now I am looking at getting a new distributor, to get the car up and
running again. I was hoping that I only could replace the hall sensor, but
I believe those are not sold anymore separately. Do any of you 20v 3B Audi
owners have an old distributor lying around, or would know of any other
kind of fixes? I already found out that the Audi 200 10v has a different
distributor model, and will not work.

I greatly appreciate any input, and thanks for reading all this!


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