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At 3:59 PM -0500 3/15/06, W.G. Giles wrote:
>What are the production #s of the 91 200 20v.

The US _import_ (not total production) are fairly well known. However 
you ask about "production", so what do you mean? Some years back I 
speculated on total production of the '91 200q based on the numbers 
of 3B engines made over the course of the '91 production. Below is a 
copy of what I posted back in 1999 (the reference there to "fiche" is 
the microfiche version of the Bentley, which provides the numbers 
being discussed):

A few days ago, we had some speculation about the total number of 20V200q
cars that Audi made in 1991. Chris Miller posted chassis production numbers
from the fiche. These numbers--- in the range of 26,749 to possibly 50,000---
indicate to me that they apply to *all* type 44 chassis cars in MY '91. So,
that still leaves us (me, at least) in the dark about the worldwide numbers
of '91 20V200q.

More light is shed by a table of **engine** numbers in the fiche. Engine
numbers appears to run sequentially over all the years of production
(unlike the chassis numbers, which are renumbered for each model year).

MY '89		MC 038994-->MC 049908

MY '90		MC 050472-->MC 056556

MY '91
month	yr
5 31	1990	MC 057070	3B 005185
6 30	1990	MC 057566	3B 005531
7 31	1990	MC 057956	3B 005972
8 31	1990	MC 058197	3B 006225
9 30	1990	MC 058582	3B 006787
1031	1990	MC 059148	3B 007556
1130	1990	MC 059738	3B 008130
1231	1990	---------		3B 008325
totals (MY '91)	MC= 2668		3B= 3140 engines

If these numbers represent overall production (i.e., not limited to US
export), there appear to have been a total of 3140 3B engines made for MY

It seems that around 40% of total 3B engine production was sent to the
USA--tucked away in the '91 200q. So--aside from these approx. 1200
exported to the USA--Audi used about 2000 3B engines in "other" 1991
models. Turbo coupes, S2,...?  Lotsa spares?  There wasn't a '91 20V200q
for Europe, was there? Elsewhere? Not Canada, right?

Finally, if Audi has a practice of beginning each engine-type with s/n
000001, it seems that around 5000 3B-engined cars (mostly the 200q model?)
may have been made prior to the 1991 MY (i.e., for the 1990 MY).

Other interpretations?

Phil Rose


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