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Thu Mar 16 10:17:47 EST 2006

Phil Rose wrote:
> At 7:59 AM +0100 3/16/06, Peer Oliver Schmidt wrote:
>> W.G. Giles wrote:
>>>  What are the production #s of the 91 200 20v.
>> If you search the archives you will find a post from me.
>> 6384 200Q20V were produced, according to an email from Audi in 1999.
> Peer,
> Are you sure that Audi was specifically referring to the number of cars
> made only for the 1991 model year? Otherwise I'd assume it's quite
> possible that the 6384 number includes all 200q20v cars--those made for
> the 1990 as well as 1991 model years. In any case, the 6384 is
> consistent with my estimate for the total number of  3B engines made
> from 1989 to late 1990 (i.e., assuming serial numbers running from 0001
> to 8325).

As far as I know, there were no differences in the model years. As the
3B engine was used exclusively in 200q20v those should be similar.
Whether those were build in 1989 oder 1990, I do not know. And I
specifically asked for the 200q20v, but not the specific model year.
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