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Hey guys,

I just traded in my '87 4000CSQ for a '91 200 20 Sedan, to add to my current 20V Avant and '83 ur.......upon driving home in the snow last night, I noticed a couple of minor differences between the two 20V......First off, the chip in it makes a HUGE difference in throttle response and overall power.....that is expected......and the Sport seats are a thousand times more comfortable than the "comfort" seats in the avant.  BTW, anyone have some sport seats in black they would part with?  
Anyway, I found that on my Avant, when I pull the windshield wiper stalk back to wash the windshield, the wipers come on automatically, then continue to wipe for 4-5 swipes after the spray has stopped, scraping across a dry windshield for 2-3 swipes.  In the sedan last night, the wipers did not come on at all when I did this.....I had to manually engage the wipers.  Is there something I can program somewhere to reduce the amount of swipes on the avant, and engage them on the sedan?  I've always wondered about it since I got the avant, and now the sedans behavior makes it seem possible.  Any help, as always, greatly appreciated!  I'm sure there will be more to come......

Best regards,

Jim Fleischer
'91 200 Avant
'91 200 Sedan
'83 ur

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