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What¹s this moisture issue to which you allude? No service station air
supply supplies dry air. Sounds like uninformed BS to me. But then, no one
but you have been reading my posts for some time now, so we have no
consensus on this or any of the others. Please solve my posting problem or
prove that it is not an Audifans problem. Has someone put a ³no post³ on my


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> On Mar 18, 2006, at 3:18 PM, PeterBergin at wrote:
>> Has any one ever heard of using nitrogen in tires instead of air?
>> My Mom just took her obligatory over age 70 drivers Ed. class
>> yesterday  (she
>> drives a Volvo V70 all wheel drive), and the instructor was
>> preaching the
>> benefits of using nitrogen instead of regular air in the tires.
> Any dry air source works equally well- a scuba tank or CO2 from a
> vending company.  The issue isn't the gas itself, but the moisture.
> It's hilarious that a driver ed teacher is discussing using nitrogen
> in tires; most people don't even know basic rules of the road.
> Brett
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