3B Distributor Issue. Maybe more? (part 2)

Leon proleonk at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 05:44:50 EST 2006

Hi again,

I checked the rotor and the cap, both seemed to be visually fine. I
also tried to directly connect a wire to the ignition coil, and tried
to start it, and still no spark. I assume that it is the hall sensor
that went bad, or the wiring.

I bought today a distributor clamp wrench (1/2" and 9/16") and tried
my luck to remove the nut that is holding down the distributor. With
no success, I gave up. I am aware that the FSM calls to remove the
intake manifold, however, on the forums other users mentioned that
this was not necessary. Are there any tricks or good hints on how to
get that nut and the entire distributor out of there?

Thank you,


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