3B Distributor Issue. Maybe more? (part 2)

Peter Schulz pcschulz at comcast.net
Mon Mar 20 08:24:17 EST 2006


First of all, its either a 10mm or a 13mm Bolt ;-)
I don't have small hands, but I am able to access the bolt by 
removing the ISV from the intake manifold and then using a 
combination of regular sized open end wrench ( for leverage) then 
stubby ( for ease once initially loosened)

Don't forget to set the engine to #1 top dead center before you pull 
the distributor....otherwise you may have a challenge when you 
reinstall it and the engine timing is off....


At 05:44 AM 3/20/2006, Leon wrote:
>Hi again,
>I checked the rotor and the cap, both seemed to be visually fine. I
>also tried to directly connect a wire to the ignition coil, and tried
>to start it, and still no spark. I assume that it is the hall sensor
>that went bad, or the wiring.
>I bought today a distributor clamp wrench (1/2" and 9/16") and tried
>my luck to remove the nut that is holding down the distributor. With
>no success, I gave up. I am aware that the FSM calls to remove the
>intake manifold, however, on the forums other users mentioned that
>this was not necessary. Are there any tricks or good hints on how to
>get that nut and the entire distributor out of there?
>Thank you,
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