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totally agree with you Brett.  funny - misguided even maybe.... they should 
stick to remembering to turn off signals and watching for oncoming traffic 
before pulling out onto the road...


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>> Has any one ever heard of using nitrogen in tires instead of air?
>> My Mom just took her obligatory over age 70 drivers Ed. class
>> yesterday  (she
>> drives a Volvo V70 all wheel drive), and the instructor was
>> preaching the
>> benefits of using nitrogen instead of regular air in the tires.
> Any dry air source works equally well- a scuba tank or CO2 from a
> vending company.  The issue isn't the gas itself, but the moisture.
> It's hilarious that a driver ed teacher is discussing using nitrogen
> in tires; most people don't even know basic rules of the road.
> Brett
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