stainless steel braided brake lines - how many?

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Mar 20 13:48:59 EST 2006

At 10:52 AM -0700 3/20/06, Kenneth Keith wrote:
>I'm collecting the final parts to put budget big brakes on my 200q20v.
>  I have rotors, brackets, calipers, pads, anti-squeal discs, and
>mounting bolts & washers.  Now I'm looking to get some DOT-approved
>stainless steel braided brake lines.  (what else do I need? I didn't
>get pad sensors, for example)
>Does anyone know why there is a 6 piece kit listed for 200's and only
>a 4 piece kit listed for ur-S4's?

What are your "budget big brakes"? What calipers, bracket, rotor are you using?

Anyway, you'll presumably need _custom_ lines up front, so I wonder 
why are you looking at any braided lines that Paragon Perf is 
specifying for _stock_ brakes (the Paragon listing of 6-pc lines 
seems to be for the stock 200 brakes!) And I wonder how they offer 
one kit for '89-91 200, since the '91 200 (UFO) would be different 
from '89 & '90--right?--In any case, the stock brakes do use a short 
piece of solid line up front, which I assume is where the "extra" 2 
pieces are used(?)  I'd advise you to go slow on this aspect of the 
brake project: make certain you get the  line-lengths and 
end-fittings (!) that are appropriate--especially for that _front_ 
caliper setup.

I made my own front SS lines (of course non-DOT) using  bulk braided 
hose and fittings purchased from American Street Rod. I use braided 
SS lines for fronts-only (BIRA Sys 3 using Porsche Carerra 996 
calipers).  Working with the SS braid is a bitch especially if you 
neglect to buy the special tool.  The DIY parts for just the front 
lines (plus cost of special braid tool) would be approx $70-80.

So...If you can buy a _good_ pre-made set of four SS lines for 
anything under or even somewhat above $100 (especially for DOT) then 
it could be well worth it to do so, IMHO. Just keep in mind that some 
people have been burned in the past by purchasing prefab sets that 
have incorrect lengths and/or wrong type of fitting (e.g., the 
incorrect fitting seat/seal or angle). The kit that Paragon offers 
for the ur-S4 with Porsche calipers might work for you--although IME 
a 16" length would somewhat excessive (by about 1") for the front 
lines in my set up. YMMV.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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